Monday, December 10, 2012

New Cumulative PTF for Zend Server for IBM i


Updates All in One!

Hot off the press, Zend Server Hot Fix 7 is a cumulative update for the Zend Server stack with almost all of the latest and greatest enhancements.  Folks who recently updated their PHP stack for Zend Server were probably getting annoyed at how many PTF's they needed to apply. Now in a single PTF update you can get all the following new enhancements to the PHP stack.

PHP Version 5.3.14

The PHP stack gets updated for PHP 5.3 users and this PTF is ONLY for PHP 5.3.  PHP 5.2 has been deprecated for some time and you'll notice from the download page that we reorganized the PHP 5.2 stuff to another page.  rest assured the 5.2 stuff will be around for a bit but the main download page was getting a tad cluttered.  

Zend Framework 1 & 2 

The Zend Framework stack for version 1 has been updated to 1.12.0 and Zend Framework 2 is now included.  The DB2 adapter is still undergoing some beta work and should be out soon, but for those who want to get going with ZF2 the code is there at 2.0.2.

PHP Toolkit and XML Service

We've updated the toolkit with a fresh copy of XML Service and the PHP code from the YiPs website but another version is coming soon.  Stay tuned. 

The PTF Process

When we introduced Zend Server we moved from an automatic update to a PTF approach as more and more IBM i shops were looking for a controlled environment.  So please get your PTF from the Zend Server download page and have an updated stack.  As always, please get your questions in early and often and feel free to ring up your account manager if your bandwidth is maxed out.  Our services folks would love to help!  Need some training?  Got that too!!!

As this will probably be my last blog of the year, please have a Merry Christmas and a Happy & Healthy New Year!  Wishing you all a Peaceful and Joyous 2013!