Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Zend and MySQL:DB2 Storage Engine

Zend and MySQL…

On my travels through Europe as I visit many IBM i customers I am presented with wonderful challenges and opportunities.  One challenge had me stunned but I must say should not be terribly surprising.  It was about the DB2 Storage Engine for MySQL and support.

First, what is Mike talking about?  Well, MySQL is the world’s most popular open source RDBMS and it runs on nearly every platform including IBM i with the recent edition of the new Zend DBi product.  MySQL is architected in a special way in which the UI is separated from the data storage layer.  This allows MySQL to change the storage layer without having to rewrite the application.  Does this sound familiar?

The idea is that you would use an application that would store data in MySQL, possibly SugarCRM, Drupal, MediaWiki or something like along those lines. Even a home grown application talking to MySQL would work.  Then, you tell MySQL to store the data for those tables in DB2 rather than MySQL via the ENGINE SQL directive.  This lets your applications talk to MySQL while the actual data is being stored in DB2 on IBM i.  It is important to understand that this data is NOT replicated.  The actual data store is DB2.  Existing tables can be converted to DB2 by using the alter table statement as well.  IBM has a couple of great redbooks on the subject that are well worth checking out.

So someone asked if the DB2 Storage Engine is supported.  According to IBM, the answer is yes so long as they are current on their IBM Software Maintenance Agreement (SWMA).  If a customer is current, then that customer who deploys this solution and has who needs to log a support ticket a problem can, under SWMA, open a PMR regarding the DB2 Storage engine and IBM will work toward a resolution.  This is a good thing and proves that IBM will stand by their solutions. 

I developed a new presentation called Introduction to MySQL for IBM i.  This session has been getting some pretty good reviews and I have gotten some awesome feedback for updates.  As a result we are scheduling a webcast on the MySQL and IBM i in August!  There is no charge for the live and recorded  webcasts at the Zend website so like voting in Chicago – tune in early and often!